Engage your audience in the physical world

We improve user experience and customer knowledge with our full-featured phygital marketing platform.

Our customers

SESAME - 360° phygital marketing platform

A physical call-to-action

to appeal user curiosity and start the experience

Flawless user experience

Contest, quizz, forecasts, surveys, satisfaction surveys. Choose among our gamified branded experiences. Or we’ll build it from scratch

One souvenir pic and promotion channel

Offer a printed picture and special offer to promote your product and services

Follow up with one text message

to extend the experience beyond your event

INSIGHTS — Deliver a measurable success

Monitor the performance in Real Time

with our powerful analytics tools

Enhance your user knowledge

with accurate insights using face recognition

Get activable Data

for your CRM thanks to our exports

Get Luseed, the tailor-fitted platform for you phygital operations


Branded experiences, emotional marketing and gamification


Couponing, SMS marketing and Rewarding


Profiling, data-catching and real-time monitoring

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